Click to enlargeSeminar on DVD: Beyond Excellence

This fast-paced team building and leadership training program is filled with advice on how to become an extraordinary person in business, and in life. Using real world examples, dozens of interesting slides, and powerful true stories, Robert Stevenson delivers a high-energy leadership-training program that can help anyone to achieve higher levels of excellence. He covers a broad spectrum of ideas, including team building, leadership training, management training, team skills, accountability, dealing with stress, handling change, how to criticize, the power of laughter, how to exceed expectations, balance, and much more. Whether just starting out in business, or a seasoned professional, this leadership training video seminar focuses on all the things one who is committed to soaring above the rest must do to truly soar above and beyond excellence.

The program is divided into two parts. Part One runs 45 minutes and Part Two runs for 28 minutes.