Click to enlarge52 Essential Habits For Success (Hardback)

52 Essential Habits For Success is designed to help you become a more talented, motivated, productive and successful individual. The problem with most self-help books is they burden down the reader with all the steps they must take, things they must do, lists they must write, and self-analysis they must ponder to help them become a better person. Even readers who have good intentions, find it extremely difficult to stick to the plan the author has laid out in the book. So, instead of mapping out a total plan of action you probably won't adhere to, Mr. Stevenson has designed a simple way for you to condition your mind with powerful success habits, that when used, will be the driving force behind your future success. He plans to instill 52 essential habits into your mind with no major studying, practicing, drilling or rehearsing. In fact, it will be done pretty effortlessly if you will follow his one simple set of instructions.